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Dream Travel Destinations in 2018

Dream Travel Destinations in 2018 Venice Italy Grand Canal

I'm so lucky that I grew up in a household that valued travel. My grandparents instilled the travel bug into the family and I definitely benefitted from the trickle down effect. Thankfully, I have a partner in crime that feels the same way! In 2017, Anthony and I had a chance to travel quite a bit! Some of my favorites included ringing in 30 in NYC,  a friends wedding in the quirky, old mining town Bisbee, Arizona, a roadtrip around northern Italy (hello, wine country!), visiting family in Atlanta,  London girls trip, & exploring our own New England backyard (Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont).  

We just became homeowners (!!!), which means {bittersweetly} travel may be bumped down the on list of priorities this year. That doesn't stop a girl from daydreaming though! If you've been to any of the places below, I'd love to know your travel tips and any must see favorites! What's on you 2018 travel bucket list?

State Side:

- Hawaii: this has been on our bucket list for years! Road to Hana & shaved ice, anyone?

- Los Angeles (again): to visit my family & friends in the area

South of the Border:

- Tulum: sun, sand and fresh coconuts. Yes, please! 


- Edinburgh: the most likely European trip this year as my bf probably/likely has a work trip there, date TBD. Count me in! 

- Arleberg, Austria: Wine and skiing? Yup! 

- Paris: I've been a couple times but Paris just keeps calling me back! Perhaps this time as a girls trip in the spring? I'm thinking a side trip to Champagne is in order! 


New Home Tour: The Den/Office (Before)

New Home Tour: The Den/Office (Before)

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