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5 Favorite Workout Classes in Boston

5 Favorite Workout Classes in Boston Workout Gear.jpg

Having lived in & around the city for a couple years now I've tried A LOT of work-out classes. Boston is a city highly focused on health and wellness, which lucky for me, means an ever growing plethora of fun classes to choose from. As part of my new years resolution (anyone else kind of cringe at this word?), I want to continue my streak of being consistent with working out and overall taking care of my health. With so many options, it's hard to narrow down which classes to try. Beyond word of mouth, the first place I look for inspo are blogs (and Instagram, of course!) So if you're like me and need a bit of guidance, here are some of my favorites: 

1. Barre & Soul - my newest *obsession*. There are a couple studios in the Boston area so chances are you'll find one near you. The best part is that they offer both yoga and and barre classes under one roof. The instructors are badass women (and a couple of men!) who make the workouts both challenging and fun. They have a great intro package for 30 days of unlimited classes for half price - a great way to  see if it's the right workout for you. And no, this isn't  #sponsored.

2. BTone Fitness-  a great megaformer class that will leave you sore for days. There are a couple locations around the city now and I wish I lived closer one of them! Btone - come to Harvard Square, pretty please!  

3. Vega Vitality - This studio offers a wide variety of yoga & pilates classes in the most adorable studio. They also offer many other wellness  services to keep you feeling your best self. Fun fact, I hosted a Boston bachelorette here last year and the women of Vega Vitality helped me kick off the weekend with the best semi-private yoga class. The bride was thrilled and a major bonus is the view of Copley Plaza right outside the studio windows. Perfect for a bachelorette group photo. 

4. Exhale Barre & Yoga classes  - great, v. hard classes in a spa like atmosphere. What's not to like? Only downside is the price tag but you can find some good deals on Gilt City every once and a while. 

5. SoulCycle - self explanatory... Stretch jacob-postuma-409826.jpg

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

Classes I'm dying to try: The Handle Bar Cycling Studio, Barry's Bootcamp, & 305 Fitness. What are your favorite work outs? Do you like working out solo or prefer group exercise classes? Do you have any recommendations for classes in Boston I should check out?


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