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Our Engagement Story

Our Engagement Story

Let's start back at the beginning, shall we? In 2014, Anthony and I met on Tinder - yup, I swiped right!  I had had plenty of experience with online dating but had yet to try a dating app. Having just moved back to Boston from Connecticut, my girlfriends convinced me to dive into the dating pool head first & try the newest form of online dating, enter Tinder. We matched quickly as I was making my way up to our lake cottage in New Hampshire & it took a little while for me to understand he lived in New Hampshire, not in the Boston. Whoops! At the beginning of our relationship I was finishing up grad school, which meant I was commuting back and forth to New Haven once a week, working as a RN, and doing 24 hours of clinical for my NP program. Truthfully to this day, I'm not sure how I survived that crazy schedule but no matter how packed my week was, Anthony was always there to support me and making sure we had the best time together. M&A hiking

One of our first photos together - hiking in NH

Fast forward almost 4 years later. We are both Gemini and each year tend to have crazy schedules in June filled with fun plans with family and friends celebrating our brithdays (June 5th for me, June 19th TODAY! for him). On the day we were meeting my parents to celebrate my birthday dinner, I asked him to come home a bit early as I hate being late (a pet peeve of mine!) and he commutes 45 minutes to work. However, when he showed up at 4:30pm I was a little surprised! I was actually in the middle of purchasing his birthday present and had to quickly turn off my computer so I wouldn't ruin the surprise! He asked if I wouldn't mind heading downtown a little early as there was an Allen Edmonds sale (so Anthony...) I got ready and we made our way downtown. We found parking near the Boston Common and started walking toward the Boston Public Garden. Boston Public Garden Swan Boats

Took this picture right before...

As we walked over the Swan Boat bridge, I started to notice Anthony getting very fidgety. He's a pretty calm and collected guy so it definitely made me curious... We meandered through a few of the paths in the BPG up to the George Washington statue. He turned to me and before I knew what was happening he dropped to one knee. I freaked out and said YES a million times and asked if this was really happening?! Engaged!

We took some selfies and asked a couple of bystanders to take some photos of us. Anthony had to hold the camera because I was shaking so much! Boston Common Engagement

We mosied down Boylston Street to Copley Square and dropped into one of our favorite places and site of numerous date nights, the Fairmont Copley Oak Long Bar. Anyone else love this place as much as us? It's in my top 3 favorite hotel bars in the city! We celebrated with a glass of champagne and recapped what had just happened (!!!) It was so fun to have 45 minutes to ourselves to take in the moment. It was at this point my face started to hurt from smiling so much! Engagement Fairmont Copley Oak Long Bar

All the Veuve please!

From the Fairmont, we headed to dinner with my parents at Mistral - also a family favorite for years and our go to place for celebrations! My mom and dad we're totally in on the whole plan so more champagne was ready when we walked in! The staff was so friendly and cheerful - I couldn't believe how many people came over to our table to congratulate us!  Ending the day with dinner with my parents meant so much to me! It was a truly magical day & I am so excited to spend the rest of our lives together. Boston Public Garden

Scene of the crime

One of the best parts is I get to relive the happy moment and walk by the scene of the crime anytime I'd like! While we have lots of ideas and some very specific details in mind for the actual wedding, we're really enjoying this part of the journey and trying to soak it all in! The best advice I've received over and over again is that it goes by fast, so enjoy it! Can't wait to share some glimpses into our planning process! xo, M



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